PC2 or (from) Kalpa Vriksha

Pina Colada V2 or PC2 for short.  Jan/17/2016

1.5 Gallons Sleeping bear star thistle honey into 2.75 gallons of water.

5 medium pineapples cubed frozen and then macerated.

5 liters coconut water.

2 packs of 1118 yeast.

SG 1.126

Fermentation started within an hour of adding yeast.

Jan/18 10.9 grams of FermaidO

Jan/19 10.5 grams of FermaidO

Jan/20 SG 1.111

Jan/21 10.47 grams FermaidO

Jan/24 SG 1.048 10.5%

Feb/7 SG 1.006 15.75% Racked and added 1.75 cups (8oz) roasted coconut in a weighted bag.

Feb/9 Added 1 fresh medium pineapple in chunks.

Mar/10-1 SG 1.008

Mar/10-2 pulled pineapple and coconut squeezed all possible liquid added back to mead.

Mar/30 added 5 oz Heavy toasted oak chips, 4 pounds 6.7 oz pineapple and 2 cups of honey.

Apr/22 Removed pineapple left wood chips, added 1.5 pounds of honey, 1.35 oz pure coconut extract by Olive Nation.

Jun/03 bottled.

Renamed (from) Kalpa Vriksha  Read a bit about the name here.



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