RPM or Red Raspberry Mead

RPM  Red Raspberry Mead.   Jul/23/2016

15 pounds of Arizona Desert Wildflower honey and 3.1 pounds of raspberry puree into 5.5 gallons of water.

2 packs of Lalvin 71D yeast

SG 1.122

Fermentation started within 20 minutes.

Jul/30 SG 1.039

Jul/31 Added 3 pounds of additional honey and 1 gallon of water ( a 1.089 mixture.)

Aug/14 SG 1.009 (from 1.122 = 15%+/-) racked off lees and added 3.1 pounds of red raspberry puree.

Aug/24 24 Oz of hoeny added.

Sep/18 Racked off lees SG 1.011.  A quick calculation says 17%





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